Email Marketing Case Study 

of an Online Store

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The client was an online store offering a wide range of baby and child-care products. They were operating on a local market and had a good advertising approach to driving sales.

The client wanted to grow their business by integrating email marketing into their strategy.

Scope of the Project: 3 Months


The client had a very limited budget and required a very lean approach to introducing email marketing to their strategy.

The client needed a partner to launch their email marketing program and lay the groundwork for long-term success.

GrowthRaise’s Solution

We started working on the client’s inbound email marketing program at the beginning of Q1. At the time, there was no email marketing infrastructure present. 

The client had a large database of subscribed contacts but had never sent any email communication to them.

We leveraged Mailchimp and designed a template for a weekly newsletter.

To warm up the audience, we started sending a different-themed newsletter with special discounts every week.

    The Process

    We worked closely with the client to understand their goal and pinpoint the right approach to launching the email marketing program.

    We introduced Mailchimp and incorporated all available subscribed contacts inside.

    Our team worked closely with the client to design a visually rich newsletter template that offers both child-care value and special product discounts.

    Shortly after, we started sending the newsletter on a weekly basis and coached the client on how to manage their email marketing efforts.


    With GrowthRaise at the helm, the client successfully introduced a new marketing channel to their mix and started generating sales through their weekly newsletter.


    In just three months, GrowthRaise managed to:


    • Generate consistent sales through email marketing
    • Maintain email open rates between 20-30%
    • Coach the client’s team on how to successfully leverage email marketing in the future

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