Inbound Lead Generation Case Study

of a Consulting Organization

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The client is a leading marketing training, consulting, and coaching organization. Their portfolio of solutions ranges from short online courses to embedded coaching services. 

To reach their goal of becoming a leader in their space, the client needed to sustain stable business growth and consistently expand their organization.

Scope of the Project: Ongoing


Because of the niche nature of the client’s business and the high competition within the space, growth was slow and often inconsistent. Leads were difficult to generate and slow to convert to paying customers.

The client needed a reliable partner to help them boost brand awareness and lead generation in a cost-efficient and agile way.

GrowthRaise’s Solution

We joined forces with the client’s marketing team in January 2023. At the time, inbound marketing was implemented as the primary lead-generation approach. 

The client had a great blog, but a very modest amount of traffic to their website. They were producing downloadable resources, but not generating the targeted amount of leads through them.

The first step to help the client was to do a complete inbound marketing audit and identify weaknesses that needed to be addressed.

We looked into their blog, landing pages, social media content, and inspected all email marketing efforts.

Out of the audit came a clear list of improvements to implement:

  • Revisit the general direction of all new blog content
  • Improve the keyword selection process
  • Boost already existing content with high traffic potential
  • Integrate the right lead capture forms on pages with high traffic
  • Connect email nurturing streams to all forms
  • Leverage social media in a more effective way

The Process

After the scope of the project was defined, we started to methodically tackle each improvement opportunity.

In collaboration with the client’s marketing team, we built a list of keywords with a high potential for supporting their goals. Every keyword inside underwent deep analysis to ensure its fitness for bringing the right people with the desired buying intent to the website.

We started building new blog content precisely optimized for those keywords on a weekly basis and refreshed the list of keywords and topics on a quarterly basis.

We placed carefully selected lead capture forms on all pages of the website with a lead generation potential and built custom email nurture campaigns for each lead based on the showcased interest.

To boost our efforts, we changed the existing approach to social media promotion and introduced YouTube as an inbound marketing channel to the mix.


With GrowthRaise at the heart of all marketing efforts in 2023, the client managed to achieve their business goals despite the turbulent market environment and fears of a global recession.


In 12 months, GrowthRaise, in collaboration with the client’s marketing team managed to:

  • Generate 3 000+ leads through lead capture forms on the client’s website
  • Achieve 85 000+ opens of marketing emails sent to prospects and leads
  • Maintain email open rate above 30% throughout the year
  • Attract 300 000+ people to the website
  • Attract 1000+ new followers on LinkedIn

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